Case studies

Family Home Guarantee: Marcia

'I had been saving for quite a long time and I have been single for about 12 years. As a single parent, saving isn’t easy.' 

Marcia in her new home
Marcia, 46-year-old single parent from Brisbane who purchased a unit through the Family Home Guarantee

'I finally got together the required deposit and knew exactly where l wanted to live, it was time to focus on getting a loan.  

Transitioning from renting to home ownership has been life changing. I have my side business I can focus on now and I have the freedom to pursue other things- with the security of knowing that l have my unit.  

I would have had to save double the amount I had if not for the Scheme. There’s a unit shortage in Brisbane so now I don’t have that rental stress hanging over me.

I want to be the example to my daughter, l want her to see that if you put your mind and efforts into it, anything is possible. For me [it’s] simply life changing.'