National Housing Infrastructure Facility Critical Infrastructure (NHIF CI)

Infrastructure loans and grants. 

What is the NHIF (CI)?

Housing Australia provides loans and grants for critical infrastructure to unlock and accelerate new housing supply. 

More information about the NHIF for social and affordable housing (NHIF SAH) is available here.

How it works

The NHIF (CI) funds essential housing project infrastructure such as utilities and roads. Without this funding, the projects may not go ahead or may start much later or deliver less homes. 

What can NHIF CI finance be used for?

The NHIF CI can provide finance to help support critical housing-enabling infrastructure. This includes new or upgraded infrastructure for:

Electricity and Gas
Water, sewerage and stormwater
Transportation including roads

NHIF CI finance can also be used for: 

  • Demolition and site remediation including the removal of hazardous waste or contamination 

  • Onsite and linking infrastructure 

The terms of NHIF CI finance are flexible with a range of concessions available to suit the applicant’s project requirements. These may include, for example, concessional interest rates, and/or longer loan tenure or extended period of capitalised interest and potentially combined with a grant component for projects that meet the eligibility criteria. 

Eligible applicants can apply for finance for:

  • NHIF CI concessional loan
  • NHIF CI grant
  • NHIF CI equity investment
  • Combination of these financing options.

Where the application is for a grant, Housing Australia will give priority to proposals that also seek other forms of Housing Australia finance as part of a blended financing arrangement.


What can't NHIF CI finance be used for?

Funding will not be provided through the NHIF CI for:

  • Housing itself or community infrastructure such as parks, day-care centres or libraries
  • Acquisition or refinance of land holdings, levies or contributions
  • Feasibility, scoping or planning studies or consultancy costs
  • Administrative costs associated with a project

Eligibility criteria

Any of the following applicants may apply for finance through the NHIF CI:

  • Registered community housing providers
  • State or territory governments or government-owned development corporations or utility providers
  • Local governments or their investment corporations or utility providers
  • Incorporated special purpose vehicles that have at least one eligible foundation member (as above).

How to apply

How the application process works:

  1. Consider the NHIF CI Guidelines
  2. Download, complete and sign an EOI form. You can download a copy of the EOI form here
  3. Register for an account on the Housing Australia Portal (HAP) here
  4. To download the guide on how to register for an account on the HAP, click here. If you do not receive an email notifying you of an outcome within 2 business days (or need technical assistance), contact our technical support team on (02) 8925 1800
  5. Submit your completed EOI form via the HAP.  You can do this by clicking “Apply Now” after you have signed into the HAP 
  6. Housing Australia Origination team will contact you to discuss your EOI
  7. Following assessment of your EOI by Housing Australia, you will be asked to submit a formal NHIF CI application
  8. To submit a formal NHIF CI application, sign into the HAP to download and complete a formal NHIF CI application form  
  9. Return to your NHIF CI Application ID, submit your completed NHIF CI application form via the HAP
  10. Housing Australia will assess the application and determine key financing terms and conditions 
  11. Housing Australia will notify applicants of the outcome in writing.

Need more information?

If you are interested in applying for NHIF CI finance, Housing Australia encourages applicants to read the NHIF CI guidelines and fact sheet first to find out more about the application process, terms and conditions.

For further questions, contact Housing Australia here.