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Housing Australia is governed by an independent Board responsible for determining strategy, defining risk appetite, making financing decisions and monitoring performance.

The Housing Australia Board is ultimately responsible for the overall operation and stewardship of the organisation. It reports to the Parliament through the Minister. In performing its role, the Board decides - within the scope of the Investment Mandate - the strategies and policies to be followed by Housing Australia. It monitors compliance with those strategies and policies, defines Housing Australia's risk appetite, makes financing decisions, and otherwise ensures the proper, efficient and effective performance of Housing Australia functions.

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    The Board currently comprises eight independent non-executive members:

    MemberTermStart DateEnd Date

    Ms Carol Austin


    5 years5 June 20234 June 2028

    Mr Kelvin Ryan


    5 years19 July 202118 July 2026

    Ms Jane Hewitt


    3 years26 July 202125 July 2024

    Hon Richard Wynne


    5 years1 June 202331 May 2028

    Mr Nigel Ray PSM


    5 years1 June 202331 May 2028

    Ms Cathie Armour


    5 years26 October 202326 October 2028

    Ms Matina Papathanasiou


    5 years30 November 202330 November 2028

    Ms Mary Ploughman


    5 years30 November 202330 November 2028



    Board responsibilities

    Housing Australia's Board is responsible for:

    • Providing input to and approving Housing Australia’s strategic direction, objectives, goals and budgets as developed by management in a manner which is at all times consistent with Housing Australia’s functions under the Housing Australia Act and the Investment Mandate.
    • Directing, monitoring and assessing Housing Australia’s performance against strategic and business plans, approving and monitoring expenditure and reviewing and approving Housing Australia's major policies.
    • Identifying Housing Australia's principal business risks, ensuring Housing Australia has in place an appropriate risk management framework and establishing the acceptable levels of risk within which the Board expects the management of Housing Australia to operate
    • Reviewing and approving Housing Australia's systems of internal compliance and control, audit, risk management and legal compliance, to determine the integrity and effectiveness of those systems
    • Approving and monitoring material (internal and external) financial and other reporting and monitoring Housing Australia's operational and financial position and performance.
    • Ensuring that Housing Australia's capital and reserves are sufficient to meet the likely liabilities of Housing Australia and making adequate provision for default in the repayment of principal, or in the payment of interest or other charges, in connection with loans made by Housing Australia.
    • Ensuring ethical behaviour and compliance with Housing Australia’s own governing documents, including Housing Australia’s Code of Conduct and corporate governance standards.


    Full details of the Board's responsibilities are set out in the Board Charter.


    Board members

    Member Term of appointment
    Carol Austin

    Carol Austin | Chair

    Carol has over thirty years’ experience in the finance industry and is currently Chair of the ACT Government Investment Advisory Board, and a director of NSW State Super, the Grattan Institute and Infoxchange, and a member of the Investment, Audit and Risk Committee of the General Sir John Monash Foundation.

    Her previous board roles include a director of HSBC Bank Australia, the Tasmanian Public Finance Corporation, and a guardian of the Future Fund . She recently served as a member of the Independent Panel appointed to review the Australian Energy Regulator's draft 2022 Rate of Return Instrument. Carol has also served on the advisory boards of the Australian Office of Financial Management and the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, and was a Commissioner with the NSW Independent Planning Commission.

    Her executive career included economic research/senior management roles with the Reserve Bank of Australia, BHP, Contango Asset Management, Rothschild Australia Asset Management and Commonwealth Funds Management.

    Carol holds a Bachelor of Science from Monash University and a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from ANU. She is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a member of Chief Executive Women.

    5/06/2023 - 
    Kelvin Ryan

    Kelvin Ryan | Member

    Kelvin was appointed to the Housing Australia Board in July 2021 after performing senior roles in the construction industry since 1998. Initially he worked as a supplier with Boral Ltd and from 2003 onwards as the CEO of two of the largest residential building companies in Australia - BGC Residential and Simonds Group Limited.

    Prior to moving into the construction industry, Kelvin held senior executive positions in the mining and manufacturing sector at Downer Ltd, Fletcher Challenge NZ, Aditya Birla Canada and WMC Resources.

    Kelvin has a wealth of experience in delivering affordable housing solutions and associated financing options having presided over the financing and construction of tens of thousands of new homes and numerous residential construction projects. He holds a Bachelor of Education from the Western Australian College of Advanced Education and a Master of Science degree from Griffith University.

    19/07/2021 - 18/07/2026
    Jane Hewitt

    Jane Hewitt | Member

    Jane Hewitt was appointed a Non-Executive Director of Mirvac in December 2018. Jane has over 27 years’ experience in real estate development and asset management. She founded UniLodge in 1996 and pioneered the corporatisation and professional development and management of student accommodation facilities on and off University campuses in Australia and New Zealand.

    As an entrepreneur and founder Jane has extensive operational experience and a strong track record in developing successful partnerships in real estate and business ventures. She developed UniLodge into an operation with assets of approximately $1 billion.

    More recently, Jane has worked with Social Ventures Australia and currently serves on a non-profit board as Chair of the Beacon Foundation. She is also a founding member of the Sydney Business Alliance to End Homelessness.

    26/07/2021 - 25/07/2024
    Richard Wynne

    The Hon Richard Wynne | Member

    Richard spent over 12 years as the Victorian Minister for Planning and Housing. During this time, he initiated significant changes to Victoria’s housing sector, including the Big Housing Build. Prior to his appointment as Minister for Planning and Housing, he held a number of Ministerial portfolios including Local Government, Aboriginal Affairs and Multicultural Affairs.

    During his time as a Member of the Victorian Parliament, Richard served as Parliamentary Secretary for Justice and Cabinet Secretary.

    He is a former Lord Mayor of Melbourne and served as a Melbourne City Council member.

    Richard started his career as a social worker at the Flemington Community Health Centre where he worked in the public housing towers for seven years.

    He retired from State politics in 2022 and was Victoria’s longest serving Planning Minister.

    1/06/2023 - 
    Nigel Ray

    Nigel Ray PSM | Member

    Nigel has over 35 years' experience in public policy and economic analysis, and in addition to serving as a Housing Australia Board member, is undertaking advisory work, including as Deputy Chair of the Australian Government’s Aged Care Taskforce. He retired from the Australian Public Service in January 2023. 

    From November 2020 until November 2022, Nigel was an Executive Director of the World Bank Group, representing Australia and 14 other countries on the Bank’s boards. He was Chair of the Board’s Committee on Corporate Governance and Executive Directors’ Administrative Matters. From November 2018 until November 2020, Nigel was an Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund, representing a constituency of 15 countries, including Australia. 

    Following a role at the Office of National Assessments, Nigel joined the Commonwealth Treasury in December 1988. From the mid-1990s, he held a range of senior executive positions, including as Deputy Secretary (Fiscal) from 2008-2015 and Deputy Secretary (Macroeconomic) from 2015-2018, when he also served as Australia’s G20 Finance Deputy and was a member of the Australian Statistics Advisory Council.  

    In 2013, Nigel was awarded a Public Service Medal for outstanding public service. He holds Master of Economics and Bachelor of Law degrees from the University of Sydney.   

    1/06/2023 - 
    Image of Cathie Armour

    Cathie Armour | Member 

    Cathie was appointed to the Housing Australia Board in October 2023. Cathie’s executive experience includes senior roles in investment banking, law and regulation across both the public and private sectors.  

    Cathie is currently a Non-Executive Director for Cboe Australia Pty Ltd, a Sessional Ombudsman for the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, Member of NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority, and Member of the PwC Audit Quality Advisory Board.  

    Cathie was previously a Commissioner of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), General Counsel at Macquarie Capital and also an Executive Director of Macquarie Group, Corporate Legal Counsel at JP Morgan and previously worked in private legal practice in Sydney and New York. Cathie holds a Master of Laws from University of Sydney, and Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Economics from Australian National University.  

    Cathie is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a member of Chief Executive Women.  

    26/10/2023 - 26/10/2028
    Image of Matina Papathanasiou

    Matina Papathanasiou | Member 

    Matina was appointed to the Housing Australia Board in November 2023. Matina's extensive executive experience includes senior roles in investment, asset management, institutional funds management, infrastructure and investment banking.

    Matina is currently a Non-Executive Director of Tilt Renewables and a Member of the Investment Advisory Board of the UNDRR.

    Matina's executive career includes over 17 years as the co-founder of the QIC infrastructure investment business which manages $32 billion in unlisted equity investments globally. She has 20 years of board experience as a director including Port of Melbourne, Hobart airport, Brisbane airport, North West/M7 roads group, TransGrid, Epic Energy, Pacific Solar and India Infrastructure holdings. Her prior executive experience was with AMP Capital - infrastructure, Bankers Trust and Macquarie Bank and as a tax adviser with Arthur Andersen.  

    Matina has a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce from University of NSW. Matina is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a member of Chief Executive Women.  

    30/11/2023 - 30/11/2028
    Image of Mary Ploughman

    Mary Ploughman | Member

    Mary brings 30 years of leadership, financial services, capital markets, securitisation, mergers and acquisitions, governance and risk management experience from her roles with a range of financial institutions, infrastructure and not-for-profit boards in Australia and New Zealand.  

    Mary is an experienced and accomplished CEO and Board member with a background in both ASX-listed and publicly unlisted companies.   

    She is currently Chair of Plenti Group, a Non-Executive Director of Prospa Group and Qualitas, Chair of Pitcher Partners, and advisor to Indigenous Business Australia and Gresham Partners.  

    Mary holds a Bachelor of Economics from University of Sydney, and is an Associate of the Securities Institute of Australia, and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  

    30/11/2023 - 30/11/2028