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Eligibility Tool

The Australian Government recently made some key changes to the Home Guarantee Scheme eligibility criteria outlined below:

  • All Guarantees are now available to eligible home buyers who are Australian permanent residents, expanded from only Australian citizens. 
  • The Family Home Guarantee has been expanded from eligible single natural or adoptive parents of at least one dependent to also include eligible single legal guardians of at least one dependent, such as aunts, uncles, and grandparents.
  • The First Home Guarantee and the Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee have been expanded from eligible first home buyers to also include those who haven’t owned a property in Australia in the past ten years.
  • The First Home Guarantee and the Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee are now open to any two applicants broadly i.e. friends, siblings, and other family members to make joint applications. These Guarantees were previously restricted to married or de-facto couples, in addition to single applicants.
  • The Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee now includes an exemption to the requirement to live in the region or adjacent region for the preceding 12-month period, which may apply to some employees required by their current employer to relocate. An exemption was previously only available to Australian Defence Force members. 


Which Guarantee can I apply for?

The Eligibility Tool is a short questionnaire to help home buyers determine which Guarantee/s they may be eligible for.

This tool can help home buyers determine eligibility for the First Home Guarantee, Family Home Guarantee or Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee. Advice is general in nature and does not constitute a determination of eligibility.

Home buyers (and those advising them) should consider consulting a Participating Lender and seeking independent financial and legal advice about whether a particular home loan or property, and the terms of the HGS suit personal circumstances and objectives.

Before entering into a home loan agreement, home buyers should consider talking with their lender (or broker) about the potential implications of changing interest rates or house prices on individual circumstances.

Housing Australia, its employees and agents will not be responsible for any claims for direct or indirect loss allegedly caused by or arising from the use of this tool. All monetary figures displayed are in Australian dollars.

View the Guarantee Comparison Table for a brief overview of the key aspects of the Guarantees.

For more information and to discuss individual circumstances, contact a Participating Lender