Finance to increase the supply of social and affordable housing

Housing Australia brings together all levels of government, institutional investors, lenders, community housing providers, faith-based organisations, private sector developers and construction companies to facilitate and deliver more social and affordable housing. 

Delivering social and affordable housing through the Housing Australia Future Fund and the National Housing Accord

The Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) is a $10 billion fund established by the Australian Government to provide an additional funding source for social and affordable housing as well as other acute housing needs. The HAFF is administered by the Future Fund, with annual disbursements provided to Housing Australia. 

Over a five-year period, disbursements from the HAFF will be used to support the delivery and availability of 30,000 social and affordable homes. 

In addition, under the National Housing Accord (the Accord) the Australian Government is providing additional funding to Housing Australia to support the availability of an additional 10,000 affordable homes over a five-year period.   

Housing Australia is supporting the delivery of the 40,000 homes under these programs.  

These programs have not commenced. 

Next steps 

The Government’s public consultation on the draft Housing Australia Future Fund Investment Mandate Direction 2023 (Housing Australia Investment Mandate) closed on Wednesday, 8 November 2023.  

A fact sheet providing additional contextual information on the types of financing and funding that will be available under the HAFF and Accord was developed to support the consultation. To access the fact sheet, click here

Housing Australia expects to open a call for applications as soon practicable following registration of the final Investment Mandate. 

In the lead up to the call for applications, Housing Australia will host an industry-wide briefing to provide stakeholders and eligible applicants with detailed information about funding under the HAFF and Accord, the application process and how to apply. 

To register your interest email 

We will continue to update stakeholders as we progress towards the commencement date. 

Financing more social and affordable housing

Our expertise is bringing social and affordable housing projects to life by facilitating financing structures that provide project certainty for investors, governments and community housing providers. 

The majority of our involvement is at the start of these housing projects – bringing community housing providers, investors, governments, developers and construction companies together to secure suitable funding for eligible projects and make more housing available. We then work with the project owner – typically community housing providers or State governments – to monitor timing, budget and project delivery so more Australians have more homes to live in. 

Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator

Low-cost long-term loans to registered community housing providers for social and affordable housing through the Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator (AHBA). 

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NHIF Critical Infrastructure

Through the National Housing Infrastructure Facility Critical Infrastructure (NHIF CI) we finance critical infrastructure to unlock and accelerate new housing supply.

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NHIF Social and Affordable Housing

Through the NHIF Social and Affordable Housing (NHIF SAH), we provide concessional loans and grants to directly support new social or affordable housing projects.

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