HGS buyers map 2021-22

First home buyers are individuals and households that are entering the home ownership market by purchasing a property for the first time. The number and share of first home buyers in the market is often used as an indication of the strength and affordability of the overall home buying market, making it an important area of research.

The Home Guarantee Scheme is an Australian Government initiatives to support eligible home buyers purchase a home sooner. Data generated from the Scheme allows NHFIC to generate unique insights into the first home buyer market.

Insights from NHFIC’s proprietary HGS data is covered in this section.


Latest statistics

Use the interactive map below to see statistics on all guarantees that were offered and issued to home buyers under the Home Guarantee Scheme between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022. Data shown is as at 30 June 2022.

Search by postcode or local government area (LGA) and click on the map to view key information.

Key Statistics: Australia

  • Guarantees Issued 0
  • Purchase price* $0
  • LVR* 0
  • Total population** 0%
  • Debt to income ratio* 0
  • Key workers 0
  • Household taxable Income* $0
  • Deposit Paid* $0
  • Age* 0-0
  • Houses 0%
  • Attached dwellings 0%

**Median figure of selected data sample. Statistics have been rounded. **Source: ABS Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2019-20 cat. 3218