Media release

Government publication of Federal Budget 2022-23

NHFIC notes the release of the Federal Budget 2022-23 on 29 March 2022 by the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP. 

View the Federal Budget 2022-23.

An excerpted summary of announcements on the Home Guarantee Scheme and the NHFIC Liability Cap (from Budget Paper No. 1, page 15) is below: 

Supporting the delivery of more affordable housing

"Since its establishment in 2018, the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) has supported more than 15,000 new and existing affordable dwellings through the provision of low-cost loans to Community Housing Providers. In this Budget, the Government is increasing NHFIC’s liability cap by an additional $2.0 billion, to $5.5 billion. This increase in NHFIC’s lending capacity is expected to support around 10,000 more affordable dwellings for vulnerable Australians."

- Federal Budget 2022-23 Budget Paper No. 1, page 15

"The Government’s Home Guarantee Scheme has assisted almost 60,000 Australians to achieve homeownership. The Government is committing $8.6 million to expand the Scheme to 50,000 places per year. Up to 35,000 places per year will be available for first home buyers under the First Home Guarantee (previously the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme). A new Regional Home Guarantee with up to 10,000 places per year will help aspiring homebuyers in regional areas. The Family Home Guarantee will be increased to 5,000 places per year to provide a supported pathway into homeownership for more single parents with dependants."

- Federal Budget 2022-23 Budget Paper No. 1, page 15

We acknowledge the Government’s announcement to expand the Home Guarantee Scheme and increase NHFIC’s liability cap to $5.5 billion. 

NHFIC will continue to work with stakeholders and industry to improve housing outcomes for all Australians.