Case studies

Spotlight on: SGCH

David*, a 58-year-old professional actor, moved from a former Housing NSW property in Lavender Bay to SGCH’s Gibbons Street, Redfern property. After being diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease, navigating stairs with poor mobility and a walking stick became increasingly difficult at his Lavender Bay home.

David’s worsening condition forced him to cease work and he was approved a transfer on disability grounds to the unit at Gibbons Street. David’s new unit was easily modified to suit his mobility needs and he receives a range of support.

‘The SGCH team are wonderful and so helpful, they’ve approved me installing air conditioning, because the heat has an impact on my Parkinson’s and makes it worse,’ said David.

The train station is across the road and his support worker lives in neighboring Waterloo. With two bedrooms, his carer can stay overnight when required. The Gibbons Street building provides David with an improved quality of life, thanks to its lift access, inner city location and accessibility.

‘Lavender Bay was a beautiful area, but it was isolating. It had no balcony and a common shared laundry at the back of the building. I didn’t enjoy living there, I felt very confined and only went out to do essential things.

‘At Gibbons Street, I am back in the gay community, with actors and friends. It’s a great apartment with good amenities and lots of natural light, I’m so grateful to be here.’

With his positive outlook and the ‘new  ease of life’ Gibbons Street has given him, David looks forward to hopefully being able to return to the performing arts.

‘It’s what I love, what I am good at,’ he said. David trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), has appeared in various TV shows, plays and musicals, and has an Honours degree in Performance. He loves the social side of living in Redfern and was recently able to attend Mardi Gras Fair Day.

David* adds that he is extremely happy now. ‘Anything more [than the life he currently has living at Gibbons Street] is just the icing on the cake.’

*Name withheld at tenant's request.