Case studies

Spotlight on: Housing Choices Tasmania

Born and raised in Tasmania, Greg moved to Burnie to live with his mother before finding private accommodation. While renting, the owners decided to sell Greg’s home which raised concerns about the security of the private rental market for Greg.

Tenant, Greg
Housing Choices Tasmania Tenant, Greg

Diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, Greg is now severely vision impaired and may eventually require live-in care. Greg will eventually become totally blind which reinforced the need for permanent, secure and affordable housing.

Greg applied for social housing and, as a Priority applicant, was offered a home in the newly constructed residential complex in Shorewell Park, Tasmania. ‘I am impressed with the quality of the unit, and I love how it gets the sun all day long streaming through my windows,’ said Greg.

Greg also appreciates the sense of community the complex affords and ‘while the apartments are quite close together, they have been well designed to ensure total privacy.’ Greg has a network of friends, and his spacious apartment makes it easy to welcome visitors.

Greg is grateful for his two-bedroom apartment and is planning for the time he will need a guide dog. As he can no longer drive, Greg is thrilled there is easily accessible public transport metres from his home, and he can maintain his independence.