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Spotlight on Homes Victoria: Brighton

Tanya is one of more than a hundred residents who have moved into new social homes in Brighton in March 2024, developed under the Victorian Government's Ground Lease Model program.  

After needing to leave her previous apartment, Tanya struggled to find a new place to live due to cost of rental properties and had been couch surfing – staying in spare rooms of friends - until being offered a place in the new development in Brighton.

Comprising 151 new social housing units, as well as 140 market rental units, the Brighton development provides much-needed growth in Melbourne's housing supply. 

For Tanya, the new development allows her a stable environment and place to call home, as well as an opportunity to connect with fellow residents through art classes she hopes to run in the community room. The site also includes a new cafe and community garden, available for use by residents and the local community. 

Case study and image attributed to Homes Victoria. 

Artist impression of the New Street, Brighton development
Artist impression of New Street, Brighton