Case studies

Spotlight on: Foundation Housing

Foundation Housing tenants, Shanice and Corey and their son were living between rentals and family and friends for three years.

Outdoor Living, Cannington development/Mode Complex
Foundation Housing Cannington development, outdoor living

‘We were given two months to find a new rental after our last lease was up which was incredibly stressful. There were at least 20 to 30 people at rental open homes. My partner and I had to take time off work to go to viewings, which was costing us money and put us under financial strain.’ Shanice called Foundation Housing. ‘We were incredibly lucky as a three-bedroom home had recently become available.

‘Within a week of applying and viewing the house we had secured the rental. It was such a weight off our shoulders. The house met all our family needs. It gave us a sense of freedom and stability that we had not had in a long time.

'The relief and the stress just melted away. We went from being almost homeless to being able to live in our own space and focus on raising our son and being a family again. We are finally settled in the area and our son is in the local school. He has a stable routine and his own room. It feels so good to have our own space and not have to worry about whether we are going to be kicked out or not.

'It’s so important that places like Foundation Housing continue the work they do as for some it is the only way to get a house and not end up homeless,’ said Shanice.