Case studies

Spotlight on: Bridge Housing

'Without access to stable, affordable housing, everything in your life is affected. Housing uncertainty does not occur in isolation, it impacts your ability to find a job, to study and focus on work. It takes over all aspects of life, limiting your true potential,' said Nicole.

Tenant, Nicole
Bridge Housing Tenant, Nicole

Whilst experiencing a period of homelessness, Nicole had to put her medical studies on hold and was issued multiple formal warning letters from her employer for 'last minute, unexplained absences' despite explaining her personal circumstances.

'I tried my best not to breakdown from the weight of extreme stress and anxiety and remember thinking - once I can sort out somewhere to live, then I can deal with everything else.' Nicole was fortunate to find secure housing with Bridge Housing.

'Their assistance meant I was able to continue my studies without the fear of losing my home. That sense of security is priceless and has empowered me to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor and apply to become a member of AIDA, the Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association.

'With secure housing, I can now focus on other issues that I need to deal with. I have a place to call home after long days of hospital placements, lectures, practical sessions, and classes. A plcae to study and prepare for exams, as well as a safe place to sleep and recharge to do everything again the next day,' said Nicole.