Case studies

Spotlight on: BlueCHP

‘I never thought that homelessness would happen to me or my family. Divorce, chronic illness, and natural disasters can happen to any of us.’ 

Forced to sell the family home following a divorce, single working parent Simone faced a challenging rental market.  

BlueCHP housing tenant standing in her kitchen
Simone, a resident of BlueCHP Limited

She was lucky to have a long-term rental for many years but eventually the owners chose to sell. Simone had recently been diagnosed with a disability and could no longer work due to chronic pain and severe loss of mobility from rheumatoid arthritis. 

Living on a limited income, Simone secured another home due to an excellent rental history and the decision to rent her spare room to contribute to the increase in rent. The rent was raised at the end of the lease, and Simone was forced to put her possessions into storage and stay with family members while searching for affordable accommodation. 

Not long after, Simone’s community experienced devastating floods, and she lost everything in storage. At the same time, the rental market was further decimated with many homes unliveable. 

Simone applied for social housing and engaged with HART4000, a homelessness community organisation. 

Simone moved to a new two-bedroom apartment in Lutwyche, Queensland, where the rent was based on a percentage of her income which meant it was affordable. 

‘When I first opened the door to the unit, I cried tears of relief and joy. I was moving into a brand-new home that I could afford, and my son and I would be a family again. 

‘I have been able to focus on improving my physical health, establishing relationships with local medical professionals, and working towards improving my fitness. I am working towards returning to part-time employment. My son is enrolled at TAFE, and we have made new friends in our building. 

‘My son and I have hope for a brighter future, and that would not be possible if we had not been able to access affordable housing. Being able to finally enjoy stable, affordable housing again, I know my son and I will go on to thrive as active members of our new community,’ said Simone. 

Image of BlueCHP development at Windsor QLD
BlueCHP development in Lutwyche, Queensland