Case studies

First Home Buyers: Isobella and Keenan

Isobella and Keenan, a young couple from Broken Hill in NSW, purchased a home through the Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee. 

Image of Keenan and Isobella sitting, smiling on the carpet in an empty room of their new home
Keenan and Isobella in their new home in Broken Hill, New South Wales

Isobella, 28 years of age and her partner Keenan, 26, were among the first to access the RFHBG, combining the Scheme with a loan from customer-owned Great Southern Bank to purchase their first home in Broken Hill, in the far west of New South Wales where they were born and bred. Isobella runs her own beauty therapy business and works as a chef. 

‘I have always loved the sense of community that comes with living in a rural town, not to mention the convenience of never driving more than 10 minutes to where you need to go,’ Isobella said. 

In 2020, the couple decided they wanted to purchase their first home but watched from the sidelines as house prices began to rise. Their patience paid off as their dream fixer-upper came up at the same time the Government launched the RFHBG in October 2022. 

‘We had not heard about the Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee until we sat down with our broker who explained the Scheme and how it might work for us. The money we saved through the Guarantee has allowed us to undertake renovations sooner than we expected,’ Isobella said. 

‘It is an older style three-bedroom home with great foundations and so much potential. One of our favourite features is the heritage stylings like the beautiful cornices throughout the house as well as the open fireplace in the living room.’ 

The couple are excited to renovate this year starting with painting the house and adding an outdoor entertainment area. Looking forward, Isobella and Keenan hope to raise their family in the home. 

Keenan and Isobella sit on the steps outside their home overlooking their backyard pool
Keenan and Isobella look forward to adding an outdoor entertaining area to their new home