Case studies

First Home Buyers: Flynn and Heidi

Flynn and Heidi, a young couple from Lake Macquarie purchased a home through the Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee. 

Image of Flynn and Heidi with the 'sold' sign at their newly purchased property
Flynn and Heidi at their new home in Macquarie Hills

Flynn finished school in Year 10 to begin a carpentry apprenticeship. His partner Heidi works as a nurse, and they had been saving for a couple of years to purchase their first home. 

‘I’d heard about the Home Guarantee Scheme but didn’t know a lot about it until I spoke with my broker, who gave me all the information on how it could help,’ said Flynn. 

The couple knew it would be difficult to get into the housing market and find the right house, in the right area, at the right price. They also knew that saving for a house deposit on an apprentice’s wage would continue to involve some sacrifice, even though Flynn had been saving since he was 14 years of age. 

Flynn and Heidi recently purchased a home in Macquarie Hills, New South Wales, in a quiet cul-de-sac with a loan from Newcastle Permanent. 

‘The home in Macquarie Hills was the first we looked at; we knew it had enormous potential. It is a generous size block on 700 square metres and with potential to add value in the longer term. 

‘We would not have been able to buy a home without the Home Guarantee Scheme. The Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee enabled us to buy a house much sooner. If we had to continue to save for a larger deposit, we would have incurred higher costs, and may not have been able to afford a home. 

‘Buying our first home means that we are safeguarding our financial future and have a good start on our adult life. We are fortunate and grateful to be part of the Scheme.’