Case studies

Spotlight on: North Coast Community Housing

‘I have lived all my life with mental health issues which has made daily life difficult. While I have never been able to purchase my own home, I have always been able to afford rent.’ 

Briony no longer needs to live with the anxiety of having no housing stability and community around her. 

Image of Briony sitting on front porch wearing blue sweater
Briony, a resident of North Coast Community Housing

With recent rental price increases, Briony was unable to keep up with the costs and at age 70 was not working. Last year, she suffered anxiety after being given unexpected notice to vacate her property so her landlord could move in. This was six weeks after her mother had died, and she was devastated. After a quick search online, Briony discovered there were only 35 one-bedroom rentals under $300 anywhere in New South Wales, many in places she had never heard of. 

Briony had moved from her previous community five years earlier and noticed her mental health deteriorating further without friends or family close by. Coincidentally, she received a call from North Coast Community Housing asking if she was still interested in being on their register. Briony had received a call each year since 2005, and had always replied ‘Yes, but I’m not in need of help at the moment.’ This time, her reply was ‘Yes, and do you have anything now?’ 

Briony was offered a new townhouse in an area she used to live in. In March 2023, she moved in and has reconnected with many old friends.  

‘I am full of joy and astonishment. I am also incredibly grateful to everyone that works at these organisations that make affordable housing possible for people like me. The alternatives were frightening,’ said Briony.